About the delivery of prizes

About the delivery of prizes

Please submit delivery requests from “Deliver Prize” in your My Page.

Submitting delivery requests using Free Delivery Tickets

Your prizes can be sent free of delivery charges by using Free Delivery Tickets.

A Free Delivery Ticket is issued every Monday at 0:00 AM (JST).
A maximum of one Free Delivery Ticket can be kept and it cannot be carried over to the next week.

If you have already used your ticket this week, you can wait until the next Monday for the next ticket to deliver your prizes free of charge.

You can make delivery requests for multiple prizes at once.

  • Each delivery without using Free Delivery Tickets will cost 500SPs for domestic shipping in Japan and 2000SPs to regions overseas.

About delivery requests

You can submit delivery requests from “Deliver Prize” in your My Page.

Please enter your correct shipping information such as your delivery address when submitting your delivery request. Please note that difficulties may occur if your information is incorrect.

To change your shipping information (address, phone numbers, etc.) after requesting deliveries, please contact us with your correct information after clearly indicating your registered name.

Once submitted, your delivery information is registered in an address book. You will be able to smoothly fill in your request by selecting your registered information from the address book for future delivery requests.

Prizes can only be sent to the winner and not to other customers due to the terms of service.

Process after submitting delivery requests

Delivery timing

As a basic rule, Sega Catcher Online will begin packing and shipping prizes from the next business day after receiving a delivery request. However, please note that it may take approximately a week to ship prizes due to congestion in the delivery process.

Additionally, the delivery process may take more time during busy periods. In this case, we will separately inform you about your delivery status.

About delivery companies

For deliveries in Japan, we will send your prizes via Yamato Transport.

Storage period

About the storage period for prizes

The storage period for prizes you have acquired is 15 days from the day of acquisition.

All rights will be invalidated for prizes stored past the storage period. Please make sure that you do not forget to submit delivery requests.

Redelivery of prizes

If your prize is returned to us due to absence or an invalid address, we will store the prize under the storage period rules.
You can issue a redelivery by paying a fee during the storage period.

  • Redelivery fee: 2,000SPs (flat-rate)
  • Please pay with SPs at the time of redelivery.
  • As for the prize package and outer box, since it is a cushioning material to protect the contents, if there are scratches or dents on the outer box but no damage is found on the contents, we will not be able to replace it . Please note that.