The video of "How to play?" of online claw machine game!

In GOTON!, there are several ways to play to win prizes.
Here, the explanation videos of four typical ways of playing are released.
Grab the tips of how to play and win prizes well !

*Prizes shown in this video are not necessarily available in the game.

[How to play 1] "TAKOYAKI"

*TAKOYAKI is Japanese soul food. This is a very delicious food, in which dough made from flour is poured into an iron plate with round cavities, cut into octopus legs, and baked while rolling.
This is a way of playing using the iron plate when baking the "TAKOYAKI".


[How to play 2]"Staircase Drop"


[How to play 3]"Bridging"


[How to play 4]"Glitter Field"