GOTON! is an online crane game service.

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Here's how to play and enjoy GOTON!!

Frequently Asked Questions


Notes;About other shipping


  • If you get any prize by "the machine to practice controling the crane", I’m sorry to say We can't deliver a prize you have won to your place.We kindly ask for your understanding.
  • Any prizes you have won may not be delivered if you put a wrong address on when you fill in the form of delivery request.It would be appreciated if you carefully confirm it.
  • The following cases may incur additional charges:
    Changing destination after delivery request is complete, Changing the use of free delivery ticket, etc.
  • Please note that as a general rule, requests for any changes after shipping work on our service are accepted as redelivery.
  • We confirm all prizes we ship to you beforehand and prepare some spares in case of defective product, but in the worst case that we find a serious defect with the prize by accidents at the storage or preparation for shipment and assess it cannot be delivered. In that case, we return you the all SP that you use to win the prize with playing.We kindly ask for your understanding.
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