1/3/2020 Ended

happy New Year!

Thank you for always using SEGA Catcher Online.

We hope that you can continue to patronize Sega Catcher Online in 2020.


For those who have requested delivery of the prizes during the period, a New Year's card will be enclosed in the luggage of the first 2,000 people.
The New Year's card has a serial code.
Enter the serial code in Sega Catcher Online (My Page> Serial Code) and you will receive the following SP without exception.

  • 1st class:5,000SP(2 persons)
  • 2nd class:4,000SP(3 persons)
  • 3rd class:3,000SP(6 persons)
  • 4th class:1,000SP(15 persons)
  • 5th class:500SP(30 persons)
  • 6th class:100SP(100 persons)
  • 7th class:10SP(1,844 persons)

Enter the serial code to see what prizes you win!


Those who have completed the delivery request after 0:00 on January 1, 2020 (Wed)(JST).
* It will end as soon as the New Year's card is gone.

[Serial code input deadline]

Until 23:59 on Tuesday, March 31, 2020


  • The New Year's card will end as soon as it is lost, so even those who request delivery early may not be enclosed.
  • Please note that the serial code has an entry deadline.
  • Even if you lose your New Year's card, we cannot reissue the serial code.
  • The code input field is divided into four, but please input four digits in one input field, total 16 digits.

Last year I was very much taken care of! Humbly, thank you again this year.

All staff