Thank you for playing The SEGA Catcher Online.

This is a message for everyone.

At present, logistics is confused in Japan by a new coronavirus (COVID-19).
SEGA Catcher Online has been affected by the supply of new prizes being cut off, delayed delivery to customers, or not being delivered.

  1. Delivery of prizes to the United States, if requested, is expected to be significantly delayed or impossible.
  2. Since the situation changes every moment, it is not possible to notify in advance of areas where delays have occurred or areas where delivery is not possible.
  3. If the prize does not reach the customer and is returned to us, we are considering other solutions. Please contact us individually.


We will contact you again if the situation changes.
We will do our best to overcome this difficulty.
We look forward to your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you in the future.
All the staff