Thank you for  playing SEGA Catcher Online.

As stated here, Sega Catcher Online will suspend its service.
We will inform you about the specific service stop schedule and the refund method for paid SP this time.

- Service stop date: Tuesday, June 9, 2020, from midnight(PST)

- Suspension period: Undecided

- Start accepting refunds: Tuesday, June 9, 2020, from midnight(PST)

- Refund acceptance period: Sunday, August 9, 2020 until midnight (PST)

About refund method

First, check the balance of the paid SP you want to refund.
You can check the balance of the paid SP from "My Page" and "Account Information".

Next, access the following URL and enter the required information.

At that time, you will need the "nickname", "email address", and customer's bank account information registered in Sega Catcher Online. Please prepare in advance.
After accessing the refund page, be sure to select "SEGA Catcher Online Refund Inquiry" and fill in the required information. (*The "SEGA Catcher Online Refund Inquiry" item will not appear until the refund start date.)

Please note that if you make a mistake in the selection, you may not be able to refund normally.

Refund page:

Only paid SPs can be refunded. Please note that free SP is not applicable.

Also, please be assured that SP balances of customers who are not refunded this time will be held as they are when they are resumed.

I hope that it can be resumed soon.
When you restart, please use SEGA Catcher Online again.

All the staff